Grandparent scams

July 6, 2016

Ohio consumers have lost an average of $3,800 to the “grandparent scam” in recent weeks.  Learn more here.


Beware of Grandparent Scams


“Grandparent scams” trick grandparents into thinking their grandchild is in trouble. Scammers call, pretending to be the grandchild or a law enforcement officer, and tell grandparents they must send money right away to help the grandchild get out of jail or cover court costs. In reality, the grandchild is not in trouble, and any money the grandparent sends will go to a scam artist.


One Ohio man received a call from someone who claimed to be his granddaughter. The granddaughter supposedly was in jail and needed $2,000 in iTunes gift cards to be released. After the man paid, he realized it was a scam.


Signs of a “grandparent scam” include:


Learn more about the scam and find tips to protect your family here.