Don’t get unlucky with a lottery scam

July 8, 2016

Hoping to win the big lottery?  Watch out for phony calls, letters, and Facebook messages saying you’ve won.  Don’t pay a fee to receive your “winnings.”

Consumers are receiving phony calls, letters, and Facebook messages claiming they have won the lottery. They are told they must send $200 to $300 or more to cover fees, taxes, or insurance. If they pay once, they’re told to send more money. In reality, they have not actually won, and any money they send will go to a scam artist.

In a recent twist to the scam, consumers receive a message from a Facebook friend, who claims the consumer has won money. The “friend” directs the consumer to contact an “agent” or pay upfront fees to receive the winnings. What the consumer doesn’t realize is that the friend’s account has been hacked and the message is actually coming from a con artist, not the friend.

Signs of a lottery scam include:

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