10 signs of a puppy scam

March 23, 2017

If you go online to look for a puppy, beware of scams. Online puppy scams have cost people hundreds to thousands of dollars.

In a typical scam, a seller offers a puppy for sale online, asks for payment via wire transfer or money order, and collects payment, but never delivers the puppy. In many cases, after the consumer pays once, the seller demands even more money for a crate, shots, shipping, or other costs. In reality, the seller is a con artist and there is no puppy.

Signs of a potential puppy scam include:

  1. The seller offers the puppy for sale online.
  2. The seller requests payment via wire transfer or money order.
  3. Communication occurs via email or text.
  4. No in-person communication occurs.
  5. The seller provides limited pictures of the puppy.
  6. Pictures of the puppy appear on other websites (when the images are searched online).
  7. The seller has a poor reputation or no reputation.
  8. There’s a problem with the delivery of the puppy.
  9. The seller says extra money is needed for shipping or veterinary costs.
  10. The seller threatens to turn you in for animal neglect or abandonment if you don’t pay.

To avoid scams: