August 3, 2017

Under Ohio consumer protection law, any important exclusions or limitations of a sale must be clearly disclosed in advertisements (including online). For example, if an ad includes a picture of items that are not included in the advertised price, this exclusion must be stated.


Also, if a store runs out of an advertised product or service, you generally have the right to a rain check that enables you to buy the advertised good for the sale price at a later date. However, sellers do not have to issue rain checks if their ad mentions the number of goods available or that the merchandise is seasonal or clearance and that no rain checks will be given. They also are not required to issue a rain check if the consumer agrees to buy a similar item at the same price or if the seller proves it had a reasonably sufficient supply.


To avoid problems, carefully review ads before going to the store or before making a purchase. Make sure you understand, for example, when sale prices apply, which items are included, and whether there are any important restrictions.