Data Privacy Day

January 26, 2018

National Data Privacy Day reminds us to take a moment to consider our privacy in the connected-age in which we live.  Here are three easy places to check your privacy settings:

  1. Smart phone or tablet – Smartphones and tablets have the ability to gather and share information about you, such as your location. Check the privacy settings to see what information you’re sharing with whom.
  2. Social media accounts – Understand who can see your information and to what extent. Most default settings on social media accounts are not the most restrictive settings, so you might consider seeing if anyone, even strangers, can view your information. If you have social media apps on multiple devices, be sure to check your settings on each device.
  3. Apps – Many apps will ask for access to your camera, pictures, location, or contacts.  Ask yourself if you’re comfortable allowing that app to have access to your information (or others’ information).  Also, for any app that can post images, see if that app is posting the location of that specific image along with the picture.  Most devices have privacy settings in general and for specific apps in the “Settings” location.

Bonus:  Google yourself, and see what comes up.  Don’t forget to check the “images.”  You may be able to delete content about yourself that appears.

As always, remember to read privacy policies for apps and websites!